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The crypto currency world is moving extremely quickly. In the last 5 years, Bitcoin has outdone other different investment such as stock market, real estate or gold. In previous years, hundreds of other crypto currencies were introduced in the market. Majority of them are simply copycat or just have some features that make them diverse.

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Mastercard Pays Back In Coins

The giant credit company just joined the cryptocurrency world by making a patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The title of the patent is “Information Transaction Infrastructure,” was filed on sometime in January, but it took until August 3rd for USPTO to approve the application and publish it on their website.

The primary purpose of these patent is to explore ways to refund cryptocurrency users. The patent also shows Vladimir Goloshchuk, a former senior analyst at Mastercard and current CEO of Brightest Minds research firm, as the only person involved in the invention of this new system. It is unclear what will Mr Goloshchuk’s involvement will be with the credit card giant now that he is no longer associated with the company.

It is a long way to refund

Regardless of the relation between the creator and Mastercard, the patent brings forward an interesting concept. The application explains the working of an infrastructure in which users can verify their identities through the creation of a new wallet. The wallet will work as an account that is linked to the coin address they elect to reveal. The reason for Mastercard to create this system is pretty simple, refunds.

If someone is making a payment from a crypto wallet associated with an exchange, mining pool, cloud mining, or any other related service, their funds might be combined with payments from other customers for simplicity. That means that if a merchant has to return the money, the exchange or website will be forced to look for the funds’ origin. That is, mainly, so the company where the wallet resides can guarantee that their services are not financing money laundering or any other illicit activity. This method creates a giant inconvenience and longer delays.

We can make it faster

Here is where Mastercard proposal comes into play. There will be a shared service that will smooth the refund process and shorten delays. A Mastercard representative talked with Coindesk and explained it in further detail.

“The basic principle of the arrangement is that a user of the shared wallet service has two types of wallet. Firstly, they have a ‘public’ wallet for on-the-chain publicly visible and verified transactions. The user will make and receive cryptocurrency payments external to the shared wallet service using a public wallet. Using this approach the refund problem can be addressed – payment received from the public wallet can be refunded by an equal payment back to the public wallet.”

The card that serves coins

Mastercard wants to be a synonym for cryptocurrency. This patent is the latest in a series of moves the company has made in the past years. Unlike its rivals, Visa and AMEX, Mastercard has acknowledged the value and the power of cryptocurrency. Their commitment is so great that the credit card giant has developed several projects which focus on blockchain technology. Last fall, Mastercard became the first of the big 3 to release a set of dedicated application program interfaces (API) that deal with the blockchain.

Will Etherium Really Be Worth As Much As Bitcoin In The Near Future? We Think So…

Ethereum was proposal in late 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a young programmer who was told about bitcoin by his father and decided to create a platform for smart contracts; which bitcoin is not designed to do. The Russian native began working on Ethereum after he dropped out of college, according to CNBC.

Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain based, distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality or otherwise known as scripting. This smart contract technology allows you to write and build decentralized applications on the ethereum blockchain. Several recent ICO’s such as Bitquence and Stox have raised crypto capital to fund their project development built on the ethereum blockchain. We will continue to see hundreds of teams attempt to raise capital via ICOs with varied application concepts that utilize ethereum’s smart contract technology. Ethereum has vastly simplified the process of creating a new and unique token by providing you with the structure required to write new contracts.

All decentralised applications use smart contracts that are deployed on the “blockchain backend”. Smart contracts handle the most important data processing and storage for your application. Smart contracts on the blockchain aren’t very useful without a user interface. A UI can be built in any language or environment that can talk to Ethereum over a network connection. This is revolutionary technology that did not exist before the ethereum blockchain.

Etheruem is the worlds first super computer inspired by Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. As time goes on, developers all around the world will become better acquainted with smart contract scripting. Ethereum is an extremely young technology and its true potential is yet to be unearthed. Soon, government bodies and global corporations will begin to implement smart contract technology to facilitate internal processes. This has increased blockchain awareness and is driving the price of cryptocurrencies such as etherum through the roof. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance found here www.entethalliance.org ‘connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts’. Companies will soon start to leverage this ground-breaking technology to address specific use cases across multiple industries.

Ethereum is up 2000 per cent this year alone and experts are forecasting a targeted price of 1000 USD by 2018, which represents a potential 400 per cent return on investment in less than 12 month. I personally forsee 1000 USD in the next 6 months. My forecasted price is based on the fact that ICOs are raising ether, which increases demand and awareness as we have seen in the most recent ICO with Floyd Mayweather announcing on Instagram that he was personally investing in Stox.

Building The New Internet

It is not about an “ICO”.

We know it’s a hot buzz word now and everyone is using it.

We are building a new internet.

No seriously.

I know there is a great episode on a popular TV show about that…. But we are actually doing it.

You see, blockchain tech made it possible.
With blockchain, you don’t need to have centralized mega server farms ruled by mega corporations.

Every PC, every phone, every connected washing machine becomes a small part of a supercloud, a contributor of storage and processing power and services just by downloading one of our GridNodes and becoming a Cloud Contributor.

Your computer “donates” resources to the cloud when its idle or during nighttime and you make continuous income from this contribution.

This is where the Cloud cryptocurrency comes in.

It will become the standard payment method for this blockchain Crowd Cloud.

It has to be smart to reward each contributor for their relative share of the contribution….

It sounds complex but it is actually very possible today.

So, we are raising up to $300m to bootstrap the new internet.
It sounds a lot but it is nothing compared to the what the big companies spent on cloud server farms… it will allow us to reach the critical mass to ignite viral growth.

We will predominately use it for massive global deployment of GriodNodes and R&D and promotion.

It will create a much better internet, much better cloud.
Cheaper, over 90% cheaper… as cloud services will become a commodity.
Safer, more private…. It will be the people’s cloud… the crowd cloud as =we call it.

Now this is not just another ICO. It is a real crowdfunding event.
It is the people financing their own internet future. It is amazing.
And the cool part id that the Cloud currency will actually mean something…

It will be tied to the new Cloud growth. The more people will join this cloud – the more Cloud tokens will be used and the value of it will rise and liquidity will increase.

This is not a dream and not in the far future.
We already have the first phase of the service up and running and making the cloud services accessible to the rest of us, to the most common internet users. It already works.
The Cloud token will be put to immediate use and will create immediate liquidity through it.
This makes this currency into a real currency – with substance behind it.

The ICO will simply finance the realization of the dream to the fullest.
If we get less – we simply deploy slower. But this vision HAS to happen.

We think ICOs are a great new crowdfunding method.
We think this HAS to be regulated but not to the point of killing it…
If anything, crowd funding has proven regulation can be self-governed by the crowd.